How We Work:

Working with individuals, collectors, attorneys, executors, and financial advisors, Genevieve Wheeler Decorative Art Advisory serves clients throughout the US and abroad.

Whether it be a single work or as large as a corporate art collection, Genevieve Wheeler Decorative Art Advisory creates tailor-made strategies to obtain optimal returns follows by:

  • Creating a general inventory and assessment of potential value of the property to be offered for sale;
  • Rendering a recommended plan of action for the deaccessioning of property based on your needs, the evaluation of marketing opportunities, the method of sale, the timing and choice of selling venue and an evaluation of the possible need for restoration or other work to prepare property for sale;
  • Implementing the approved plan of action and negotiating the terms and condition of sale with the proposed venues of sale, together with the client and their advisors, and/or on their behalf; and
  • Monitoring the performance of the selected vendor(s) and acting as liaison regarding technical issues until the completion of sale.

We would be pleased to speak to you further regarding the selling process.